Procedures are invoked using the syntax:

GRAPH.QUERY social "CALL db.labels()"

Or the variant:

GRAPH.QUERY social "CALL db.labels() YIELD label"

YIELD modifiers are only required if explicitly specified; by default the value in the ‘Yields’ column will be emitted automatically.

Procedure Arguments Yields Description
db.labels none label Yields all node labels in the graph.
db.relationshipTypes none relationshipType Yields all relationship types in the graph.
db.propertyKeys none propertyKey Yields all property keys in the graph.
db.indexes none type, label, properties, language, stopwords, entitytype, info Yield all indexes in the graph, denoting whether they are exact-match or full-text and which label and properties each covers and whether they are indexing node or relationship attributes.
db.constraints none type, label, properties, entitytype, status Yield all constraints in the graph, denoting constraint type (UNIQIE/MANDATORY), which label/relationship-type and properties each enforces.
db.idx.fulltext.createNodeIndex label, property [, property …] none Builds a full-text searchable index on a label and the 1 or more specified properties.
db.idx.fulltext.drop label none Deletes the full-text index associated with the given label.
db.idx.fulltext.queryNodes label, string node, score Retrieve all nodes that contain the specified string in the full-text indexes on the given label.
algo.pageRank label, relationship-type node, score Runs the pagerank algorithm over nodes of given label, considering only edges of given relationship type.
algo.BFS source-node, max-level, relationship-type nodes, edges Performs BFS to find all nodes connected to the source. A max level of 0 indicates unlimited and a non-NULL relationship-type defines the relationship type that may be traversed.
dbms.procedures() none name, mode List all procedures in the DBMS, yields for every procedure its name and mode (read/write).