Executes the given query against a specified graph.

Arguments: Graph name, Query, Timeout [optional]

Returns: Result set

Queries and Parameterized Queries

The execution plans of queries, both regular and parameterized, are cached (up to CACHE_SIZE unique queries are cached). Therefore, it is recommended to use parameterized queries when executing many queries with the same pattern but different constants.

Query-level timeouts can be set as described in the configuration section.

Command structure

GRAPH.QUERY graph_name "query"


GRAPH.QUERY us_government "MATCH (p:president)-[:born]->(:state {name:'Hawaii'}) RETURN p"

Parametrized query structure:

GRAPH.QUERY graph_name "CYPHER param=val [param=val ...] query"


GRAPH.QUERY us_government "CYPHER state_name='Hawaii' MATCH (p:president)-[:born]->(:state {name:$state_name}) RETURN p"

Query language

The syntax is based on Cypher. Most of the language is supported. See Cypher documentation.