CREATE is used to introduce new nodes and relationships.

The simplest example of CREATE would be a single node creation:


It’s possible to create multiple entities by separating them with a comma.

CREATE (n),(m)
CREATE (:Person {name: 'Kurt', age: 27})

To add relations between nodes, in the following example we first find an existing source node. After it’s found, we create a new relationship and destination node.

"MATCH (a:Person)
WHERE = 'Kurt'
CREATE (a)-[:MEMBER]->(:Band {name:'Nirvana'})"

Here the source node is a bounded node, while the destination node is unbounded.

As a result, a new node is created representing the band Nirvana and a new relation connects Kurt to the band.

Lastly we create a complete pattern.

All entities within the pattern which are not bounded will be created.

"CREATE (jim:Person{name:'Jim', age:29})-[:FRIENDS]->(pam:Person {name:'Pam', age:27})-[:WORKS]->(:Employer {name:'Dunder Mifflin'})"

This query will create three nodes and two relationships.